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Atlas Roofingon

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Atlas Roofing Corporation

For several years now, Atlas Roofing Corporation has been a recognized leader in the world of roofing. Renowned and highly esteemed manufacturers of innovative building materials for both residential and commercial purposes, Atlas Roofing Corporation have quickly taken hold a large market share percentage in the roofing industry. The company currently has 19 fully operational plants in North America and worldwide distribution channels for its superior quality products.

Atlas Roofing Corporation started its humble operation way back in the year 1981, and has rapidly grown from a rather simple manufacturer of roofing shingles to a highly innovative industry leader. Their products are manufactured using state of the art facilities and the very best manufacturing processors available today.
In the residential market, Atlas Roofing Corporation offers a wide variety of shingle products to cater to everyone’s preferences, from homeowners with meager budget to the architectural structures that requires innovative and intricate designs. The large range of manufactured products makes it all the more easier for Atlas to achieve much wider market coverage in the residential and commercial construction industry.
Atlas Roofing provides a great number of quality shingles that are ideal for practically any need and specifications for the residential market. Even for the meager budget of homeowners to the most demanding and innovative architectural designs. Atlas Roofing Corporation also manufactures various insulating sheathings that can be utilized as a more energy efficient alternative to wood based sheathing products. This type of fine sheathing has a better heat conducting performance and a considerably reduced moisture content as well.
For commercial structures, Atlas also provides a great number of brilliant products including an impressive selection of EPS Polystyrene insulation that is free of HCFC. Since the very start of their operations, Atlas gradually inched their way to the top and had become the leading innovator in the industry, committed to constantly developing new products for roofing and insulation.
Among the highly commended product introduced by Atlas is its new line of Polyiso insulation that doesn’t produce any global warming and ozone depleting chemicals but yet meaningfully helps both commercial and residential properties warm in the winter season and cool amid the scorching summer heat.
At present, Atlas Roofing Corporation is still continues to relentlessly discover new prospects in the commercial and residential arena, and continually expend every year. The growth of the company is primarily focused on providing the finest quality and affordable building materials for its loyal patrons.