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Learn how to maximize your double optin confirmations to generate extra ezine subscribers each week!

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How and where are you going to get subscribers to you list?

List building is a very tall order for a beginning marketer. Many new marketers don’t get to building their optin list until a year or two after they start dabbling online. How can something so simple and so important get forgotten and unused?

You are either 1 or 2 type of people…

1. you work hard promoting in traffic exchanges, forums, groups ect. and still are unable to make a significant dent in potential sales on the net.

2. you have worked hard for several months marketing your rear off and you have built 1,100 subscribers and have a followup series in place to generate sales.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that you want to be person #2. Bottom line is that you should be building your list before you start promoting anything online. How? I’ll keep it really simple! Give away free e-books, guides, software, advertising, information, and generally anything people could ever want. And before they can gain access your free gift they have to double optin to your list! Pretty easy huh? well actually it is if you think about it. Just think…. if you were able to capture 2,500 subscribers or more a year then have 2,500 or more people that will buy from you again and again and again!

Get the point? I thought so!

Did you know that there are some tricks to getting some additional subscribers? They are called ezine swaps or thank your pages. Quite simply, meaning that you receive additional ad exposures from other top Ezine lists. In return you also show these same top ezines when people subscribe to your list.

Heres how it works. You worked hard to signup a subscriber right? Well now they must double opt-in meaning that they must confirm their subscription to your newsletter or autoresponder. When you subscriber clicks the confirmation link they will be brought to a thank you page that will feature additional ezines that they can subscribe too. They can either subscribe to additional ezines or click out.
Each time someone confirms a subscription you will receive a credit at the “List Builder” program that you chose to use as your thank your page provider.
Your credits will be used the same way and shown as additional ezines on other top newsletter subscriptions.

Once you try these thank you page “List Builders” you will be amazed at how many extra subscribers you pull in each week. I can tell you from experience that I average around 30 or more subscriptions each week with these thank you ads.

The list program that I use which in my opinion has the best ratio of 2 credits for one thank you page show is Advertising Know How’s List Builder. Don’t worry, you can find it in my signature below at the end of the article.

How do you install the thank you page URL? Very simple, lets use e-mail aces for example. Once you login into your back office there is a tab that includes autoresponder options. Scroll down and you will find confirmation redirect. Simply copy and paste your Advertising Know How’s list builder url in there and start gaining credits with your double optin confirmations.

You can find other similar options in different autoresponders or e-mail services.
This concludes this article, hopefully I helped you get an understanding on the power of Ezine Ad swaps!