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Making money from Keyword Adsense sites

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How to produce money making Adsense or PPC sites.
Making good Adsense sites, then and now.
This article takes you through the various stages used by those making money from Adsense themed sites.

Adsense keywords PPC sites

Years ago it may have been easy to get listed and lots of visitors from the search engines. You just created a site with several pages of unique content. Then copied those pages onto many domains. Pronto! Dozens of Web sites. Each site would then be individually listed in the search engines against the relevant keywords. That was great for the early affiliate ads.

Then the impact of Adsense that spawned development of various software and scripts to create an endless stream of simple Adsense sites. With a few appropriate keywords fed in instant Adsense keyword theme pages were created. Some people use 1000’s of these keyword theme Adsense pages on hundreds of domains. They all get indexed and they all got visitors. It was that simple though unfortunately, these tricks do not work anymore.

The search engines are way smarter now. They can rapidly compare content from one source to the next. If your pages look too much like already indexed pages, you will probably be on the last page with no visitors and no Adsense revenue.

There was also software like doorway page creators, niche portal builders, and such that all fail the Google test. While not creating identical pages, this sort of software creates pages whose composition and structure are very similar from site to site.

As more and more of this software gets used, the engines learn these listings filled with pages that may have different keywords, but have very similar page structure or as its called a footprint. As a result, most who have used this software have their index in Google removed. All the engines need to do is sit there and sort through the database looking for pages with similar keywords that have similar footprint structures.

There are still keyword Adsense sites being produced and successfully producing good incomes using all these techniques. But the scripts and software they use is all in house developed and clever enough to avoid all the pitfalls of duplicate content or structures. these are the people that make the BIG money from Adsense. The very ones that provide most of the billions of dollars worth of click through’s for Google’s massive Adsense programme.

Search Engine Junk Filters.

Engines used to filter all pages that contain the keyword “viagra” 1000 times. But clever SEO’s found ways to avoid these sort of keyword filters They just used slight variations of the keywords like “viagrra” or “viagraa”.

Therefore the most successful anti-spam filter is a naive Bayesian filter. You train this it on a pool of pages that you classify as spam or not spam. It analyzes the words used, the headers, and so on… and with remarkably accuracy, it is then able to determine if new pages are spam or not spam.

The engines doubtlessly now use similar Bayesian filters on their search results. Already, there has been much discussion about how Google employs a pool of “reviewers”. These reviewers likely sit and rate pages in the engine… classifying listings as spam or not. After reviewing many pages, they can then create automatic filtering. The result? Many, many spam pages quickly vanishing from the Search engines index. This includes pages from all of those ‘auto page’ creators that churn out near-duplicate content and includes some hand optimised pages. Putting it simply, if content is not unique, readable and appropriate to the searched for keyword phrase then you will find yourself with increasingly fewer and fewer visitors until your Adsense site and income disappears forever.

To make real money with any affiliate advertising or PPC campaign like Adsense, you need an unlimited supply of completely unique content and keywords or keyphrases. Now that’s one massive database! The guys at KeywordAccessxhcb have got that all sorted out. And some of there own in house database is available to the public. Around 12 to 15 Million keywords and key-phrases I hear and, they offer lightning speed with unlimited access. They also have a few articles and promising even bigger things in the future.

So you have all these articles for content, or some auto programme like HyperVRE or Niche Creator that can pull them in from other places themed to the keywords you give it. You have auto inserted RSS feeds on each page also in theme to these keywords and planted Adsense or some other PPC in the right places that will pull up articles based upon the content of your page which is based upon the keywords you fed in.

So the resulting Adsense ads will only be of interest to visitors, providing they cover the keyword subject they came to your page for in the first place.

With the keywords and keyphrases playing such an essential part all the way through, it is obvious that the benefits of an exhaustive list of keywords and key phrases are measured by the increase in Adsense income.

If your Adsense targeted site is still full of pages about ‘Red’ sports cars yet everyone is looking for ‘Green’ sports cars. Your Adsense income will be small. While the other way around? Tons of clicks and big Adsense cheques! So you must insure that the maximum number of searched keywords are available to you for selection and that they contain not only yesterdays popular searches, but today as well. That’s another first at KeywordAccess I hear, their database is constantly evolving in tandem with Google and other search engines. Every day the keyword database has thousands of new searched for phrases added. Making this resource at KeywordAccessxhcb a must for any serious Adsense or PPC / affiliate ads site builder.

Whether you decide to build smaller and more individually tailored site or churn out hundreds, keywords are vital. Preferably somewhere you can go to any time and get instant unlimited access to the biggest list of keywords on the planet! There and then without delay or hassle. Whether you want to save just a few or ten thousand. Unlike most of the others like Overture who are never working and you get a hundred keywords if your lucky to the other keyword sites that impose strict access to quantity, even if you pay!
Watch out for part two of this article from KeywordAccessxhcb about How to turn these sites into real money.