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Thatch Roofing Materials

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Thatch Roofing Materials

One can easily be charmed to the tropical aura thatch roofing effortlessly exudes. Thatch is not only the oldest but also the most versatile roofing material known to man. From the leafy palm fronds on Polynesian edifices to water reeds on European cottages, thatch roofing materials simply have an incomparable quaint allure all of its own. Thatch was predominantly used up to the 19th century but with the influx of modern types roofing materials, its use significantly declined.

Recently, many people are showing renewed interest in thatch roofs. There seems to be a high demand of quality thatch roofing materials since it once again became an acceptable roofing product. This is due mainly to its durability and longevity. Thatch roofing is ideally used for gardens, patio, pool areas and cabanas since thatch provides very good sound insulation. There are quite a number of thatch roofing materials available in the market today. Among a few of these are the Devon Reed, Straw, Norfolk Reed and Water Grass. But no matter what type of roofing materials you’ll decide to use, it should be dry and free of mould, disease and securely fastened to be able to retain its shape.

The straw has a relatively short life span, with an average of 25 years. This type of thatch roofing material is very labor intensive but is more commonly used. The main drawback of this material is its unreliable fastening method, since grass ropes are usually used. The long straw material provides a unique exterior appearance; this is mainly due to the fact that it undergoes different trashing processes from which it emerges bruised and bent. Combed wheat reeds have a neater look to it while water reeds are regarded superior quality thatch roofing material since it can last for several decades.

With the variety of roofing materials existing today, homeowners are offered with a lot of products to choose from depending on their needs and preferences. Thatch roofing materials are perfect for outdoor structures if you want the unique tropical look it exudes. Not only will you be able to achieve that distinct look, it will also show off your individualistic side. Your roofing style undoubtedly plays a major key in setting the style of your house. When considering a thatch roof, put in mind that the design and shape of your roof will play a big part in the material’s performance. Hiring the best roof thatcher in your area, and purchasing only premium quality thatch roofing materials will help your roof last for a very long time.