Top April Fools Days Pranks


A brief history of April Fool’s day, how it started, where it originated, and what it’s became. You’ll also find five pranks you can do to others on April Fools Day. These pranks are for having fun please be sure that you are not hurting anyone when do it on them.

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The day of April fool’s has been approximately since at least the year 1582, which is from a long time ago; when the country of France altered from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. Previous to that time, the New Year was feted for 8 days, till the month of April. But as soon as the Gregorian calendar became authorized, the New Year’s Day became January 1.

Years back the news spread extremely slowly and many people even did not know about the change for lots of years. These people resisted change and still kept on celebrating New Year based on the old custom. Mutually both of these groups, the unaware and the conventional, became subject matter to ridicule and were labeled as “fools.”

Top Pranks For the April Fools Day

1) Get up early in morning get inside your batch room and fill the hair dryer with baby powder and then when you turn it on the persona head will be of pure white color.

2) In the morning before anybody from your family goes for a shower you can remove all the showerhead and place a lifesaver candy inside it. After that, replace the showerhead with a candy. At the time when a person is taking shower he will notice this happening and this activity can be full of fun to watch for everyone in the house.

3) You can find a box of the size of some small cake, then cover it with lots of frosting so it appears like one and then put it inside the kitchen whenever some tries to cut a slice from this super cake of yours, it can be a very fun loving activity for all without a real cake

4) You should take an empty mix of coffee and change it with a mix of coffee in it, also make one thing absolutely sure that coffee can is of the same brand and the can. At the base of the can place a part of document that say the April Fools. Be in no doubt you assisting the person with creation of their coffee to see their reply, which will be an amazing experience for you to enjoy your April fools day with.

5) Do you own a pet, if yes this one is for you can put in a small walky talky near the place where the pet is playing and then go into another room then at some time anyone form your house goes to play with the pet say something from the walky talky so they will feel that your per has is speaking a great fun loving prank at home,

6) Arrange a small alarm clock and set it up for late night time and then sneak it under the bed of the victim who is to be woken up and then in the night at 3 see them jump all over the place to stop the alarm clock

These pranks are for having fun please be sure that you are not hurting anyone when do it on them.