Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a wonderful time of year for men. It’s a wonderful time to honor them and a wonderful time to buy for them. Here are some practical tips for selecting the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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Father’s Day is a wonderful time of year for men. It’s a wonderful time to honor them and a wonderful time to buy for them.

Let’s first talk about honoring our fathers. It is true that we have many homes without fathers. My heart goes out to those mothers and children who are not blessed with the love and attention of a wonderful man. My prayer for them is that they can overcome that deficit in their lives and be blessed in other ways.

Men play a critical role in the well being of our families. Father’s Day is the time of year we let them know how important they really are. Children make them cards and little gifts they will cherish forever, at least until they get lost in the drawer. But that’s O.K. We all lose things in the drawer, but we still have them.

Women want to find the perfect gift for their own father or the father of their children. We want to buy them something special to let them know we love them and to remind them of the important roll they play in our lives. But when you’re buying, don’t forget this rule – you’re not buying for yourself, you’re buying for them.

This is the man’s time of year. Everything manly is on sale. Is he into sports? You can find almost anything you want, from clothing to picture frames, sports mugs, gift baskets, jewelry and the list goes on. The same is true for the fisherman, the hunter, the golfer, the businessman and even the couch potato.

Outdoor shops have great selections for any outdoor activities including sports, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, etc. But if you can’t get to an outdoor shop, it doesn’t matter. You can still find something great on the web.

Online gift basket shops offer terrific ideas for men of all interests. For the couch potato who wants to enjoy the T.V. and snack, the businessman, the fisherman, or the hunter, they try to offer something for everyone.

Don’t forget personalized gifts. You can personalize pocket watches, jewelry, photo frames, mugs, desk accessories, etc. There are many great online sites that specialize in personalizing gifts. These gifts are extra special because you are giving more thought and attention to your selection.

And gadgets! Men love gadgets. It doesn’t matter if it’s electronic, mechanical, or somewhere in between, men love boy’s toys. These are hot sellers and they’re everywhere. You can find them in the stores and you can find them online.

Let the dad or dads in your life know they are special. When you give them their gifts and hugs, don’t forget to say, “I love you.” Men need to hear those words, too.

For our military dads serving away from home and perhaps in harm’s way, we’re all praying for their safe return so they can once again resume that all important roll of being “Dad”.

Whether at home or away, may God bless our Dads. Happy Father’s Day!